You know how there are some people who call their in-laws, “Mom and Dad?” Yeah I don’t get that.

TDW has been signing birthday cards to me, “love, Mom” and introducing me to people as, “her daughter.” Um, ‘scuse me? NO. Not your kid. THANK. FUCKING. GOD.

Why does this piss me off? Well for one, she didn’t go through the pleasure of squirting me out her vag (oh god, the visual I just had!!), and she didn’t put up with all of my shenanigans and still love me unconditionally. What has she done? Treat me like a GOD.DAMN. five year old who needs to be told to remember to close the door when he goes outside and to wipe is ass after he takes a shit.

HOLY FUCK WOMAN! Let’s recap a few facts shall we?

1. I am not your child.
2. I am over 30 years old.
3. I did not ask for your opinion on ANYTHING
4. Did I mention, I AM NOT YOUR KID!

(deep breaths……fuck I can’t stand her.)

I want to punch her in the throat when she refers to Captain Boohoo and myself as sisters. Kill me. If anyone bitched and moaned as much as she did in MY family, you would have had your face slapped off. And rightfully so. Grow up. Guess who CB’s idol is? Just guess?

A GODDAMN ASS!! The mopiest fuck on the planet.

I can’t take it. Really I can’t.


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  1. Oh wow…that’s kind of, well, weird.

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